What readers are saying

"I thoroughly enjoyed Women of the Passion. It is beautifully written and catches the character of women and men whose names were previously the only thing I knew about them. I felt myself back in those frightening times for Christians. I never had a sense of that before."

Jack Dobbyn, novelist
Author of The Neon Dragon and Frame Up

"Women of the Passion is a religious thriller. It is a social history in the sense that it describes the roles of the characters and the dynamics of the women’s participation in the Jesus Movement. Best of all, it is a page turner."

Miriam Vosbergh
Women’s Studies Professor and sociologist

"In Women of the Passion, Joan Lynch brings to life a pivotal era in world history. This novel is filled with suspense, intrigue, and fascinating details of conditions in Jerusalem in the first century."

Carolyn McCreesh
Historian and retired professor of history

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