About The Author

Joan D. Lynch

Joan Driscoll Lynch is a Professor Emeritus and former chair of the Communication Department at Villanova University where she taught Film Studies and Theatre for thirty years. She is the author of Film Education in Secondary Schools and has published articles in The Journal of Popular Culture, The Journal of Film and Video, Literature/Film Quarterly, Millennium Film Journal, The Drama Review and many other journals and magazines. Since 1989 her writings have focused on women’s issues. Four of her articles have been reprinted in anthologies, one of them twice. Two of her articles have been republished in China. Recently, she has written poetry, a screenplay and a novel entitled Women of the Passion.

Six years ago, Joan was encouraged to write about the women who followed Jesus. She researched the period extensively and developed some engaging portraits of the women who walked with Jesus and sustained Him and His followers as they travelled across Israel establishing the beginning of the new Way. She had studied theology and philosophy at Boston College where she won the Roberts Award for Outstanding Student and the Philosophy Medal for distinguished work in that field. Joan has a B.S. in English and Philosophy from Boston College, a Masters in Theatre from Villanova University and a Doctorate in Film Studies from Temple University.


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