About Women Of The Passion

What the novel is about:


oan’s fictional account starts with the Crucifixion and continues through the persecution of the followers of Jesus by the Chief Priests, Herod and Saul. The reader shares the moments of fear as the women are threatened; the fear is lessened by the assurances of the risen Jesus yet terror is ignited again by the temple guards, Herod’s soldiers and the ongoing menace of the Roman Empire. There are also moments of prayer and teachings as these devout Jews organize to survive the persecution by the powerful Sanhedrin and the watchful Herod.

Why this novel is important today:

Christian women of the early centuries, A.D. had an important role in the growing development of this new religion. The novel imagines what these women were like and how they revered Jesus, befriended His Mother, committed themselves to His plan and began a journey that in four centuries defeated the tyranny and cruelty of the pagan Roman Empire.

The artist's comments on the cover:

Mary Southard, CSJ says that "the cover represents all women in relationship. When we engage with each other and all women the world over, the Spirit is ignited and we are enlivened. Note all the women in the background and also see the chalice that has been created as the figures come together."

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